How to Configure a Switch Cluster Member

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We are going to configure Sw1, Sw2, Sw3 and Sw4 in a switch cluster named HOWCOOL.


In this topology

  • Sw1 would be the commander.
  • Sw2,Sw3 andSw4 are going to be members of the switch cluster

You can configure cluster member switches from the CLI by first logging into the cluster command switch. Enter the rcommand user EXEC command and the cluster member switch number to start a Telnet session (through a console or Telnet connection) and to access the cluster member switch CLI. The command mode changes, and the Cisco IOS commands operate as usual. Enter the exit privileged EXEC command on the cluster member switch to return to the command-switch CLI.


If you do not know the member-switch number, enter the show cluster members privileged EXEC command on the cluster command switch. For more information about the rcommand command and all other cluster commands, see the switch command…

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